Army Officers


ROTC is a scholarship program in which you take elective courses in addition to the coursework required of your major. Candidates are awarded merit-based scholarships on a four, three, and two-year basis. The scholarships pay for tuition, room and board.

After you receive your degree, you will be commissioned into the Army as an officer on an eight-year service commitment.

In addition to the scholarship, you will also receive a monthly living stipend of up to $400 per month.

What ROTC scholarships are Available?

ROTC scholarships are awarded based on a student’s merit and grades, not financial need.

And they’re offered in the following forms:

  • Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree
  • Full-tuition scholarships
  • Options for room and board in place of tuition, if you qualify
  • Additional allowances for books and fees

Where can I learn more?

Visit our ROTC page for a more detailed breakdown of the ROTC program.

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