Leadership: What You Get That Your Peers Don't


Only men and women of outstanding character and drive will become U.S. Army Officers. Officers are the managers of the Army. They are tasked with making important decisions in stressful situations, and they are entrusted with the safety of the men and women under their command.

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Two ways to serve: Active Duty or Reserve component

You will have a choice whether to serve on active duty status, or as a member of the Army Reserve. Active duty Soldiers serve full time. You will live on or near a military installation that serves as your unit’s base of operations. You will be paid a full salary and you will have access to all of the benefits of a full-time Soldier.

Serving in the Army Reserve is similar to working a part-time job. You can live where you want, focus on your civilian career and stay close to your family. You will also have access to many of the benefits of active duty Soldiers, but your time spent on duty is greatly decreased.

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