Enlisted Soldier Or Officer?

Learn how these two types of Soldiers are different, yet work together to create the world's strongest fighting force.

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My name is Private Matthew Bryan. I am a 13 Delta (13D), which is an Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems Specialist. My main job is to compute tactical firing data for a field artillery unit.

I take the numbers, I feed them into the computer, and I give it to my guys in the Howitzer. Basically what that means is that I tell the guns where to shoot.

When I joined the Army I had no idea that I'd be doing this kind of stuff. I'd been thinking about joining the Army for quite some time. Now that I've done it I have no regrets.

I had other options, but none were as beneficial as what the Army could offer. It just opened a lot of doors for me.

The U.S. Army has taught me teamwork and brotherhood. I can't believe it, a year ago I was sitting at home playing video games. Now I'm living out the scenes I used to play in those games.

How many 22-year-olds get to do something this cool?

Thinking fast on the field. 

I had other options, but none were as beneficial as what the Army offered.

NAME: PVT Matthew Bryan
JOB: Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data System Specialist (13D)

Meet Private Matthew Bryan, a 22-year-old field artillery automated tactical data system specialist, and learn exactly what that means.