Enlisted Soldier Or Officer?

Learn how these two types of Soldiers are different, yet work together to create the world's strongest fighting force.

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My name is Maj. Michele Pawlowicz. I am a dentist in the Army Reserve.

As an Army Reserve Dentist, it's nice because you don't have to worry about the Soldier's ability to pay the bill or insurances. It gets me to concentrate on dentistry.

There's amazing technologies that are at our fingertips here. Where, you can't always have those in a private practice. You don't have the monies or funding for it. So it's nice.

My husband is very supportive of me being in the Army Reserve - especially since I can get him health care insurance.

When I'm not practicing dentistry or being a mom, I like to golf, I like to swim, I like to hang out with my family. And we like to do things outside, we like to fish and feed the geese and take walks in the woods and fly kites, blow bubbles.

I would encourage any physician or dentist that was slightly interested in the Reserve to join the Reserve. It's amazing, the rewards are endless. The fulfillment is indescribable.

Top docs need top tech. Welcome to dentistry in the Army.

There’s amazing technology that is at our fingertips here. You can’t always have those at a private practice.

NAME: MAJ Michelle Pawlowicz
JOB: General Dentist (63A)
SERVICE TYPE: Army Reserve

Major and dentist Michelle Pawlowicz gets to do exactly what she wants to do in the Army Reserve: focus on her practice and her family.