Enlisted Soldier Or Officer?

Learn how these two types of Soldiers are different, yet work together to create the world's strongest fighting force.

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INTRO: FADE IN: Music OPEN ON: SGT Robert Catanach in uniform, talking to camera: SGT CATANACH I’m Sergeant Robert Catanach. I’m a Human Intelligence Officer in the Army Reserve. GRAPHIC: SGT Robert Catanach, Human Intelligence Officer, Reserve location. CUT TO: Framed picture of SGT Catanach in his Marines uniform. Voiceover of SGT Catanach telling how he served in the Marines for four years (during peacetime) then settled into civilian life with a good job. Then the war in Iraq happened and he wanted to re-enlist…and help his country. CUT TO: INTERVIEW: SGT Catanach explains that while he wanted to re-enlist, his wife just had their first child so he wanted to be close. He tells how his Marine reenlistment options didn’t help him address both desires…but the Army did. CUT TO: Voiceover of SGT Catanach talks about his desire to share responsibility with the troops and telling how Reserves allowed him to accomplish his goal and serve in Iraq. We see shots of his Army Commendation Medal, an Army Achievement Medal and a “challenge coin” from his Brigade Sergeant Major. CUT TO: SGT Catanach walking around Patton Reserve Center, interacting with Soldiers (or other Officers). Voiceover of SGT Catanach talking about his relationships forged in the Army Reserves and how special the camaraderie with fellow Soldiers has been.  CUT TO: INTERVIEW: SGT Catanach explains how the Army Reserve gave him the opportunities he never thought were available. And continues to help him. CUT TO: SGT Catanach walking around Reserve installation. Voiceover he explains the Army Reserve also gave him a great career in the Army while allowing him to keep his civilian job. Touches on Human Intelligence Officer job and account rep job at mutual fund. CUT TO: SGT Catanach in civilian attire at home. Jump cuts to various shots of his home life, interacting with his wife and daughter, inside and outside of house, etc. Voiceover of SGT Catanach saying he gets to stay close to home, only an hour away from the base and help raise his daughter. CUT TO: Close up of his truck. VO continues with SGT Catanach explaining the financial benefits of the Reserve. How his extra Drill Pay allowed him to pay for things like his truck. CUT TO: Voiceover continues as we see SGT Catanach walking around California State University Fullerton. He says a big bonus is the Army is paying for him to go to college in the fall and how he wouldn’t be able to do it without their financial assistance. (wife works or not?) CUT TO: INTERVIEW: SGT Catanach gives final thoughts why the Army Reserve has helped him be a stronger person (e.g. leader, professional and father). “I plan to stay with the Reserve as long as they’ll keep me.” CUT TO Voiceover continues as we see panorama of an Orange County beach and SGT Catanach and family walking together.